Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Suddenly It's Autumn

The signs have been everywhere and now the calendar makes it official; Autumn is here.  

Although we've had 80 degree sunny days, the mornings and evenings are quite chilly.  The extra duvets are on the beds, we sometimes turn the gas fireplace on to add some cozy warmth to the house, and we're starting to think more about stews and less about grilling.

My fall schedule includes auditing an art history class at the University, volunteering at the Boulder High School Library, and attending water aerobics classes twice a week.   I also have a fair amount of time on the calendar marked "Studio," meaning time to play around in my wonderful office, either doing computer work, or sewing, or reading, or really just whatever I want.   

This past week in "Studio" time I make two quilted mats for the kitchen window using some Sushi-themed fabric I've had for years.   Isn't this the cutest fabric? 

I made a reversible runner with a cute striped binding.

It covers up the grated bottom of the window, which I don't like, and adds a bit of color and warmth to the room.

Working on these gave me a chance to get the sewing part of my studio really up and running, finding supplies that I had just thrown into drawers when I unpacked and fine tuning my fabric organization.   Along the way I uncovered some unfinished projects and decided to finish one of them, a little ironing mat I had started.  I challenged myself to try a "faux piped binding" using a tutorial that my friend Lee Anna had posted on her blog.   I thought it turned out pretty well!


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  1. Hi there! First - I LOVE reading your blog!!! We are missing you here in Maryland, but I love reading about this new chapter in your life! It is so good to see Paul doing so well and enjoying school! Second - I love the idea of putting "Studio Time" on the calendar! I need to do the same thing! I tend to move from task to task, usually not finishing what I have started and then we're off to a soccer game in Baltimore! Happy Fall!!! So happy the cooler weather is here! :-)


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