Thursday, September 25, 2014

This and That

I love this photo I took a weekend or two ago at the Romanian Festival down at the Pearl Street mall.  We had gone downtown for lunch and just happened upon the festival.  You never know what you'll find when you go downtown around here.

Spikey surprised us the other day by breaking out of his habitat while we were away.  Luckily he didn't fall out of it and down to the floor.  Instead he managed to climb on the frame and just hang out there.  When we got home we left him there and after about ten minutes he suddenly jumped back into his cage and settled down on his log to sleep.  I'm being more careful about locking his door now!  

Tuesday night was the Musical Showcase at Paul's school.  He had worn his concert dress on Friday and left them in his locker, planning to pick them up after working in theater for awhile after school on Tuesday.   But when he finally got to his locker he found the room locked up tight.  Mommy was not happy.

Concert dress here is basically black pants, white button-down shirt, and black shoes and belt.  There was an extra pair of pants and a belt at home  and Ben's black shoes fit well enough, so just a shirt was needed.  We made an emergency run to Macy's where by some miracle we easily found what Paul wanted, a short sleeved shirt and a nice black vest.  The good news was that the clothes were on  sale, all the performances that night were very impressive, and I managed to get a decent photograph of Paul at the store!

Check out all these paint cans which we delivered to the hazardous waste site today.  Twenty-five cans of old paint now out of our garage cupboards.  Yeah!

Ben is volunteering a day a week to help rebuild the Royal Arch Trail, a popular trail up in Chautauqua Park which has been closed since the big flood last September.  It's very steep and rocky and Ben has a tough hike just to get up there.  After that he spends the day helping place rocks and load up and haul around canvas bags of small stones that are used shore up the big rocks.  It's hard work and he's already worn out a pair of sturdy work gloves.

Here's a cool use of an old window which I spotted in an Boulder eatery.  I've seen windows like this used as mirrors but never as a photo frame.    

After my class at CU yesterday I wandered around Norlin Library, the big campus library center, and found myself in something called The Commons.   A  "Learner's Lunch" on how to "Organize Your Life with Evernote" was just starting and was "Open to all" so I decided to pop in.   I already use Evernote but figured I'd learn something, which I did, and also, how could I resist the chance to sit in these cool chairs?  Yes, this is what attendees sat in while they listened, ate their lunch, and took notes on their computers.  Pretty swank, I thought.  

Then I walked around the rest of the Commons area which turned out to be a huge area for studying. It was full of neat seating, places to connect your computer, and even big screen computers for the students to use.   Talk about making the library a learning center!

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  1. Mary, when I saw the Romanian festival picture...that's EXACTLY what they look like! It's almost as if you were there. Interesting lecture about Evernote. I use it too, it's handy, but I'm sure I'm missing a lot.


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