Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Scenes from a Hike

On Sunday Ben and I and our friend Lotus hiked together up to Crown Rocks on Flagstaff Mountain. I hadn't hiked this high up Flagstaff and the views were beautiful.

While Lotus and Ben checked out the climbing at Crown Rocks, I tried my hand at taking closeups of the rocks.  I found it much harder than I expected!  It's not so easy to find a focal point.  Maybe that's why so many close-up photos of rocks include some lichen or a bug or something on which to focus the eye. 

I thought this type of shot turned out better.

You might have deduced from the gorgeous skies that we are still in the middle of a stretch of great weather.  Clear skies, 70+ degree days, cool nights; it's perfect!


  1. Yes, perfect it is. But isn't that what retirement is supposed to be. Congratulations!!

  2. I'd think you need to go closer. Much closer on the closeups. Or print out the pic and crop it in an odd place to capture a line. LeeAnna


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