Saturday, October 11, 2014

Then and Now

Back in Maryland if we needed our kitchen knives sharpened the task loomed large.  First you had to figure out where to take them --hardware store?  knife kiosk at the mall? -- then you had to drive there which meant dealing with traffic, and once you got there the interaction with the clerk would probably be fairly impersonal.  

Here in Boulder we simply walked down to the Farmer's Market, turned our knives over to the Johnson's after a pleasant "good morning" chat,  strolled the market with a cup of coffee from one of the coffee vendors, and then returned to the Johnson's booth, paid the fee, and walked back home in the beautiful fall weather.  Mission accomplished by 9:30 in the morning, along with a good walk and some community sociability.  


We had a good life in Maryland, but this is better.


  1. Oh, he does them right there...that's cool!

  2. The farmers market across rt 2 from us also has a knife sharpener guy. We're doing the same thing in different states!
    How is the new studio arrangement working? I like looking up at scenery to rest my eyes from close sewing. The only issue is light coming in that way sometimes bugs me. There's flow, and there's function... I think your closet is wasting space by being deep without pull out shelves. All the stuff is against the back wall and there's too much nothing in the front space. You like a clean look, so maybe ikea shallow shelving units with doors lining a wall would be good. Lots of storage with a built in look. The more you work in there the easier to figure out what you need. You are really balancing your time, hikes, school, family, artistic activity. LeeAnna


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