Friday, October 17, 2014

The Silver Lining

The silver lining about the accident on Wednesday is that the repair bill on the damage my Honda Accord took when it was hit from the rear was $2700 and since the car is worth less than $5000 we've decided it is finally time to get rid of it.  

It has had twelve years of hard use, and after taking the brunt of the transporting Paul and his friends around from age two till now is beat up and dirty, both inside and out.   I almost replaced it a couple of years ago when I got a case of "new car fever" and we also thought seriously of selling it last spring rather than drive it across country for the move to Boulder.  In the end, we decided to hang on to it, but this accident has tipped the scales.  

The good thing is that I had no problem deciding what to buy.  In my "new car fever" stage I  had test driven a VW Golf and absolutely loved its zippy ride, upscale interior, and "just right" size.   Our friend Susan bought one last week and I enjoyed being one of her first passengers.  

So yesterday I headed off to the VW dealer and within a few hours had found a diesel stick shift that I'll be picking up today.    I'm pretty excited!   

It's "Tornado Red."  Finally, I'll be able to spot my car in a crowded parking lot!   


  1. Wow! That boulder skyline has changed since I was out there ! -johnny

  2. sa-weet! Love the color, and love a VW for sure! Good choice. LeeAnna

  3. I like it! I have been looking for a smaller vehicle that will hold my golf clubs, this looks good!


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