Wednesday, October 15, 2014


As much as we love living here in Boulder, I do have to say that driving here is a challenge.  There are a lot of cars on densely populated streets, along with skateboarders, bicyclists, and pedestrians.  You have to pay attention!  And even if you are paying attention, everyone else may not be.  

When Ben and John came out to visit last spring, Ben was rear-ended.  And today I was whacked, again from the rear.   The funny thing is that I was sitting in a line of cars stopped to check out an amazing fender bender in the other lane; the hitting car was smashed but the car it hit was unaffected, which was very strange.   Apparently the college-age driver behind me was watching that wreck as well and forgot to look ahead until she smashed right into me. So now there were two accidents, one in each lane!  

My poor old car!  It's actually worse than it looks, since the trunk is affected.   

We'll see if this leads to "new car" fever.  My car is twelve years old, has plenty of scratches, and will never be clean inside again, but I like it because of that; you always worry about messing up a new car while in an old car you just shrug things off.   But a friend just bought a VW Golf TDI Diesel, which is pretty sweet, and a new car has its charms, like iPod connectivity and the screens that tell you what songs are playing.  That would make it worth the fuss of trying to keep a new car new. 

We'll see.  One thing I know for sure:  I will never ever buy a silver car again.   I'm so tired of looking through all the silver colored cars in the parking lot to find mine.   My next car has to be red or yellow or orange or something I can spot easily.  Gotta have some color!


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