Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Counting My Blessings

There are so many things to be thankful for,
 including our families that aren't here with us and our good friends who are, 
for good health and good luck, 
for actually getting ourselves out here to Boulder 
and for all the good memories of our times back east.   

Here are a few specific blessings I've counted recently.   

I put Spikey in the kitchen window a few minutes ago to catch some sun while I wrote my blog.  He loves sitting there, but today something spooked him and he leapt from the window and onto the floor, landing with a splat on his tummy.   I screamed, Ben and Paul came running, and Spikey  puffed up his neck and turned black in the way Beardies do when they are distressed or mad. Very scary.  

So I count my blessings that Spikey has survived this accident.  He is now back in his habitat clawing at the glass to get out, so he seem okay.   Oddly enough, I quite like him and would be sad if anything bad happened to him.  

I feel the same way about Fetcher, and say thank you when he comes home safely every night after running around outside during much of the day.   Of course, he isn't supposed to be on the table, but he's so darn cute.

I'm so happy to see the holiday lights starting to come on around town.  When the sun goes down so early and there are so many more hours of darkness,  Christmas lights really help cheer things up.  This shot was taken the other night when the Pearl Street mall lights were turned on.

And I'm glad that we are all done buying furniture for our new house!  Yesterday the new rug and new green leather chair for the living room arrived, so the living room is now complete.  The rug from the living room was moved to the den and makes that room feel nice and cozy.   Buying new furniture is a big responsibility and I'm glad it's over.

Another good thing is that Ben is rock climbing, in the gym when the weather is bad and outside when it is mild.  I'm excited for him and glad that he is a reliably safe climber.   Here's the view from the top of the first Flatiron, which he climbed a few weeks ago with his friend Kent.  Looks pretty high up to me!

I'm happy that we are doing so much hiking and that I've found a water aerobics class that I really like.  Even though there was a dusting of snow early this morning, I still got up and drove over for the 8:00 class.   That's how good it makes me feel.   As a benefit, the views from the rec center towards the mountains is usually fabulous.   This shot is from this morning, when the wispy clouds were moving over the mountains.  

Paul is back to eating pancakes in the morning, but this time they are from a whole wheat mix AND he mixes them up himself!   I still get them on the griddle and make the first flip, but then he takes over and finishes cooking them.  He's growing up, which is mostly a joy to see.  I say "mostly" because this afternoon he is getting his hair dyed turquoise again, but this time it's all his hair, not just the tips.  I'm not so crazy about this, but he's paying for it and it is his hair.  Being Paul's mother is sometimes challenging but is surely one of my great blessings.

But we are getting too serious and I meant for this list to be fun, so let's end with how much I smile whenever I see the new color on my fingernails.  It doesn't have a name, being known just as "Number 85" according to the nail technician.  I think I'd call it "In the Mood" since it makes me feel in a holiday mood.  And thank heavens for gel manicures!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!  We are making pumpkin pie and homemade ice cream and taking them to Ray and Paula's where we'll be having Ray's paella.  Should be a lovely day.  

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