Sunday, November 23, 2014

Girls Rule!

I've been having fun the past two days working on a quilt  featuring a cute "Girls Rule!" fabric.  This fabric and two others were pulled together by another quilter, packaged as a quilt kit with directions for making the quilt, and given to a local quilt guild as a contribution to the quilt's "Community Outreach Program."  I attended the guild's meeting Thursday and picked up the kit to work on as a Thanksgiving service project.   I cut out the fabrics on Friday and started sewing it today.   Once I figured out a problem with the directions (the rectangles needed to be cut 8 1/2' wide, not 9 1/2") it's been going together pretty quickly and I've been enjoying working on a "no brains" sewing project.   Eventually it will end up with a foster child who will attend camp this summer through the ministry of the church where the quilt guild meets, which is pretty cool.  

While I sewed today I watched Catching Fire on Netflix, which was good prep for seeing Mockingjay, Part 1, which opened this weekend.

 We're expecting strong winds tomorrow so we decided to do a big hike today, even though we had been out yesterday as well.  We did something new, the Foothills trail and then up the Hogback trail in north Boulder.

Aren't these views looking east out towards the plains beautiful?  Well, let me assure you that they were hard won!  We hiked about a mile and ahalf up, up, up on snowy and icy trails and then another mile and ahalf down, down, down, on more snowy and icy trails.  So hard!

Our friend, Lotus, came with us, and was undaunted by the uphill challenge.  She used to guide Outward Bound trips.  Girl's rule!

When we got home I relaxed by sewing while Ben took a nap, went food shopping, and then cooked us a wonderful dinner of fennel and onion risotto.  Umm, so good.  

Paul had a good day also, attending one karate class and helping to teach two others.  It's the first day of a week long break from school and he's a happy boy. 

My mind is now on quilting and when I saw this funny water jar in the store I wondered how I could incorporate it in a Christmas quilt.  I have an idea which I'm ready to try out as soon as I finish the Girl's Rule quilt top.  Watch this spot!

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  1. Good to see you sewing! That is a VERY INTERESTING machine.


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