Friday, November 7, 2014

Full Moon

Have you been enjoying the full moon?  Wednesday I went on a late afternoon hike with Paula and her dog, Gus, up in Chautauqua.  As we entered the park the moon was just rising in the east.

We hiked towards the southwest and when we were at the height of our trail and turned around to come back down we had a chance to admire the moon again.  It was a bit brighter in the darkening sky.  

The sun slipped down behind the mountains, leaving just the silhouette of the Flatirons behind us.

It was a beautiful time to hike, even though dusk is also a time to be alert for wildlife.  

A few hours before our hike a mountain lion was captured in the backyard of a house which is one block from Chautauqua, and about five blocks from our house.  This morning's paper said that it had liver and kidney damage and was euthanized yesterday, poor thing.  Well, one less mountain lion to pounce on Fetcher, I guess, although there's plenty more wildlife around.   Yesterday afternoon I saw a fox just one street over from ours.  I was so surprised that I stopped the car to watch him, but he was gone, just like that. 

The big event for us this weekend is a visit from my brother, Glenn.  He is stopping for a visit on his way home to Kentucky from a business trip in the west and arrives tonight.   We're looking forward to seeing him!

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  1. Beautiful photos, Mary. We have mountain lions around us, too.


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