Monday, November 10, 2014

So Glad I Bought a Warmer Hat!

The temperature took a mighty plunge downward today, starting in the 50's at dawn, climbing to the 60's when I went to water aerobics at 8:00, and then starting its plunge as I walked over to the university for my 11:00 class.  By the time I got out of class and met Ben for lunch it was in the 30's,  with a strong wind and snow clouds rolling in over the Flatirons from the mountains.  

Right now it's 22 degrees and snowing; we should get about two inches overnight and then more off and on the next few days.  I'm so glad I bought a warm knitted headband and fingerless gloves at the Boulder Handweaver's sale a few weekends ago. I felt nice and toasty wearing them when I picked Paul up from school just now.  

Paul, on the other hand, arrived home in his cotton hoodie and didn't switch into anything warmer and drier when he left the house with Ben to meet Ray and his dog Gus for a walk. At least he has on long pants! And at least he's out for a walk; ordinarily after school he'd just want to hang out and relax, but I guess the snow was just too enticing. 

Spikey wanted out of his habitat and once out ran around the living room for a while before collapsing in front of the fireplace.  He looked just like a dog resting by the flames.

But for my brother's visit over the weekend we had wonderful weather, warm and sunny.  Ben drove us up Flagstaff mountain to do the short but lovely hike up to the summit where we enjoyed the wonderful views of the Rockies behind it to the west.  

We also went to a CU women's basketball pre-season exhibition game.  Glenn has a great knowledge of basketball and I asked him to help me learn more about the game since I'm thinking of following the CU women's team this year.   My sister Jean got me interested in basketball when we went out to Salt Lake City for the NCAA a few years ago, and now that we can walk to games it seems like we should.   You can see that there weren't many fans in attendance as this was a free "dress rehearsal" type of game.  Still, we all enjoyed it and I learned a lot from Glenn.  

 The timing of Glenn's visit was perfect as he made his escape Sunday morning before the bad weather hit.  Ben and I and pretty much everyone else in Boulder used the afternoon to do some pre-snow yard work and then hit the trails while the weather was still good.  

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