Saturday, December 6, 2014

Around Here

Around here...

...I'm having a lot of fun decorating our new house for Christmas.  I'll share photos of the finished work in a few days.  Meanwhile, here is the tree the three of us picked out last night.  Isn't it a beauty?

And here is the wreath that I found to put above the mantel.  It's made of carved willow wood, painted and gussied up with a bit of red glitter.  I saw one at Target made by Smith Hawken for forty-five dollars and just couldn't bring myself to pay that much, though I dearly loved it.  Imagine how pleased I was when I spotted the exact same thing without and Smith Hawkins tag at TJ Max for thirty dollars. Target has so many well designed Christmas decorations this year; I had to keep a firm grip on myself while I was in there! 

...We went to an exciting basketball game yesterday.  Since CU is so close by and I've always wanted to follow a women's basketball team, I got season tickets for the CU women's team and have already been to about four games.   The last two were so close they about killed me as first our team was ahead, then behind, then ahead again.  Yesterday they went into overtime to break a tie, but CU surged ahead finally winning by eight points.  It's very exciting but very exhausting.  

Ben usually goes with me, and even though this is my idea and not his, we both enjoy the intimate feel of the stadium and smallness of the crowd.  We've learned quite a lot about the different players and enjoy following particular ones.   It's fun and they are doing well so far this season. 

....Ben & I are going out to lunch fairly often while Paul is in school.  So many great places to go and lunch is cheaper, you know.   We thought this beer glass looked pretty cool yesterday and had fun photographing it.

....  Yesterday I met a friend for a hike in an area new to me, near South Boulder, and saw some different views of the Flatirons. Hiking here is a social activity and as well as just "exercise" and it's common to invite someone out for a hike just like you'd invite them out to lunch.   

... On Tuesday we spent the afternoon helping with the school music wreath and poinsettia sale.  Ben and I put pretty red bows on all the wreaths sold by the band and orchestra, which was a lot harder than it sounds!  We also helped organize the flowers into boxes so the kids who sold them could easily pick them up after school.  We were glad to help and even gladder when it was over1     

...Today is a busy day.  Ben is off to the gym to climb and I'll be taking Paul to karate soon.  He is both taking and helping teach for several hours so I'm going to meet a friend at the Winter Farmer's Market.  Later I'm heading downtown to see the Parade of Lights and Ben and I are going with friends to Denver for dinner.   

We don't have anything scheduled for tomorrow, so it will be a good day to do the tree.  Should be pretty!


  1. Ho ho ho! Tis the busy season! That's a grand tree. I bet the house smells divine.

  2. That wreath is so pretty!! And good for many years. What a new life you live. Basketball?? LeeAnna


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