Wednesday, December 10, 2014

All Done

 I think we are all done decorating for the holidays.  It was a lot of work since this is the first year in our house.  Not only did it take time to figure out what we wanted to do, but I took the time to sift through and weed all the holiday things and we moved the Halloween and Thanksgiving boxes out to our nice shed, therefore freeing up the big "under the stairs" cupboard so we can use it as a wine cellar.   A big job, but worth the trouble.

It took eight strands of lights to cover the tree.  Paul didn't want white lights, but I overruled him this year.

 Our friend Lotus gave us a big set of icicle ornaments which really make the tree glow.

It was such fun and so sweet to find and hang the "memory ornaments," as Paul calls them.  You know, the ornaments that have memories behind them, like this one that Ben made way back when he was a kid.

The new wreath looks great above the mantle.  

Paul was a big help decorating, coming up with good ideas like hanging his Lego ornaments from the living room overhead light.

Now it's time to sit back and enjoy the pretty and peaceful results!


  1. Stunning. Especially the mantle. Well done!

  2. the mantle is so pretty, love a nutcracker. The icicle ornaments are terrific, I would like to get a box too. Where did she get them? I bet the house smells great too. All that and presents already! That adds to the atmosphere. LeeAnna


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