Wednesday, December 31, 2014

"Colorado Christmas": Day Two

Beautiful, isn't it?  

What you can't see is how cold it was here today.  When we dropped the boys off for their 9:30 snowboarding lesson it was minus 18 degrees!  It stayed cold most of the morning and finally climbed to about 15 degrees in the afternoon.  Brr...

 Ben and I went to Devil's Thumb Ranch, a nearby resort that specializes in cross country skiing, but decided that it was just too cold to be outside for long and we headed back to the Inn and spent a few hours relaxing with our books and electronics.

Then we went to Winter Park and had lunch before meeting the boys after their lesson. The bitter cold didn't stop the boys from having a great day of snowboarding.  Of course these are the same boys who have been running around in just hooded sweatshirts the past few days!  

We're off to dinner at a local inn and will probably be in bed well before midnight.  A perfect way to spend New Year's Eve, in our opinion.  

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