Tuesday, December 30, 2014

"A Colorado Christmas" Day One

I'm writing this post from the Wild Horse Inn in Fraser, Colorado, eleven thousand feet high up in the Rockies.  Several months ago I entered "Colorado Christmas" into Google and learned that a memorable holiday could be found up in the mountains, about a two hour drive from Boulder. 

 Since this is our first Christmas season in our new home state and we wanted to make memories we decided come up here for New Year's.  

It snowed all day Monday in Boulder and light snow and bitter cold temperatures were on today's forecast, but we didn't actually have to drive in a raging snowstorm, for which I was so grateful. 

 Do you see the big peak in the distance?  That's what we went up and over, crossing Berthoud Pass at 12,000 feet and then dropping into Fraser Valley on a twisty snow-covered road with what sure looked to me like steep drop-offs.  

Pretty scary and I was so grateful for Ben's careful driving.  

We had lunch at Fraser Valley Hot Dog, good but not too filling so we made another stop at McDonald's where the boys were impressed by the icicles on the nearby buildings. 

After checking out the ski and snowboard rental situation at Winter Park, which is just a mile or two up the road from Fraser, we were off to the main event, the dog sled rides.  

We had arranged for Paul and Bryan to each have a sled. 
 Ben & I acted as witnesses to all the fun. 

Can you tell that this was a big hit?    

Here they are, ready to go.  It was minus five degrees!

And they're off! 

It was a forty-five minute ride and along the way the boys learned quite a bit about how the dogs are managed.  Bryan even accepted the invitation to drive his team!

I will share with you one go the things the boys learned today.  Sled dogs don't get to stop when they need to go to the bathroom.  Instead, they just crouch into a running squat and go while they keep on running.  According to the boys, the dogs poop quite a lot as they are driving the sleds!  

Tomorrow it should warm up to the mid twenties and be sunnier and clearer.  
I will try to get some photographs of this wonderful mountain scenery.  

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