Monday, December 15, 2014

Spikey the Bearded Dragon Checks Out The Snow

A bit of snow fell yesterday here in Boulder, big fluffy flakes that drifted down for hours but melted as soon as it hit the streets, which were still warm from the sixty degrees we enjoyed Saturday. 

Spikey was pretty calm all morning but then began scratching at his habitat door to be let out.  Once out he rode around on my shoulder for a while but then he scrambled down my arm and tried to jump onto the window ledge.  When we put him there he seemed quite interested in watching the it snow.

When we put him back in his habitat he climbed up on his water spritzer so he could get a good view out the living room window to watch snow coming down!  This is the first time he's ever sat on top his water spritzer and looked quite funny.

Although the snow didn't amount to much in inches, it did make the mountains look quite beautiful.

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  1. hey, look at me coming to visit from Mischief Monday party! Spikey, you are so photogenic. And colorful.
    Mary, I think her putting up the party so late in the day might have let some people down, maybe she'll be better next week. I know Jen works so maybe she's got to do it later in the day. LeeAnna


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