Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A Pain in the Ankle

Used with permission
We've had such great weather the past few days!  Monday was expected to be a near-record high of seventy; don't know if it made the record but it was certainly sunny and warm.  Ben and I spent some enjoyable time outside raking up the last of the fall leaves from the patio and cutting back old vines.   

It was so beautiful, in fact, that Ben and I decided to enjoy the lovely evening by checking out a couple of  "Happy Hours" while Paul was at Parkour.  It was still early when we got back about seven so I went out to the patio to enjoy the warm, starry night.  I dimmed the outside lights so I'd have a good view of the stars.  That was a big mistake because I missed the last step, pitched forward, and fell off the steps and onto the concrete pad that used to hold a hot tub.  
By morning my left ankle was killing me and I couldn't put any weight on it.  I'm pretty tough but when you can't walk, you'd better see a doctor so nice Ben took me off to Urgent Care.   The staff there took some lovely X-rays of my foot and ankle --very interesting -- and diagnosed a sprained ankle.  Although we rented some crutches I had a very frustrating day of basically not being able to move.  Of course Ben and Paul were wonderfully helpful but oh my, it is horrible to have to not be able to do anything for yourself!  

Thankfully things are much better today.  I managed to get around the house a bit, was able to get to our WWI class and then out to lunch, and enjoyed relaxing this afternoon in the warmth and sun while I iced and elevated my leg.   I have my fingers crossed for an even better day tomorrow. 

P.S.  Just showed this blog to Ben; he laughed at the cartoon at first but upon reflection said he wasn't so sure it was funny after all!

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  1. Oh poop. It's just awful when that happens. Sprains are every bit as awful and take forever to heal as a break, maybe even worse. Remember RICE (but you probably already know that).


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