Sunday, February 15, 2015

Doing Well

Much to my surprise, my sprained ankle is heeling quickly.   I wrap it in an ace bandage and ice and elevate it a few times a day, but gradually have been able to start walking short distances again, meaning I can take care of myself and get things done around the house, which is wonderful.  

Just try not walking if you ever want to increase your appreciation for that miracle!  

It's been a busy week, with a basketball game (our team finally had a decisive win!),  two quilting outings (one playdate at a friend's house and one workshop), a trip to Denver to see the Silk Road exhibition at the Denver Museum of Natural History, and a walk over to CU to see the theater production of Tartuffe (could only stay for half since we had to pick up Paul).  Luckily none of these involve many stairs or long walks, so I didn't have to cancel anything.  

I have to share this cute photo of Paul and Spikey laying companionably on the floor the other night.

Paul has Friday and Monday off of school, so he is a happy camper.  

Work has begun on refinishing the basement bathroom.  The commode, shower, sink, lights, cabinet and window were all removed.  New windows were installed, plumbing reworked, the ceiling reframed, and a new fan put in the ceiling.  The infrastructure is all in place so the tile work can start tomorrow.  I can't wait to see what it looks like.  Of course, I've been shown samples of three different tiles that are being installed, but that's a whole different thing from seeing them installed.

This work has caused less upheaval than I expected since Paul moved himself out of the basement and up to the main floor for the duration, sometimes hanging out in my studio and sometimes in the TV room.   If only refinishing the kitchen this summer would be so easy!

We are enjoying some lovely roses that my two boyfriends brought home for Valentine's Day.  


About six inches of snow is expected over the next day or so.  It's snowing lightly now though it's still quite warm so it isn't sticking.  Tonight it's going to get cold and we should awake to a winter wonderland.   

There hasn't been as much snow as usual so far this year and Boulderites are getting nervous.  Snow means water for the trees and plants, so not enough snow means not enough water to get the gardens through the dry summer months.   But I look at the historical record and see that the area's second largest snowfall in recorded history was in March 2003, when Denver got 31 inches.  There's plenty of time for more snow!

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