Saturday, February 21, 2015

Basement Bath Progress

It's been quite noisy around here this week as the rehab of the basement bath is well underway.  At the same time our next door neighbor is having his house stuccoed.   

You may recall that when we bought the house the tiny basement bath was outdated and a bit strange.  It is right off the entry from the garage and we frequently use it as we go in and out of the house through that entrance.  It's also Paul's main bath since it is right outside of his bedroom.  

The above photo shows how it looked when we first saw the house.  When we moved in we replaced the double stainless steel sink with a corner wood cabinet and porcelain sink, painted the room a cool shade of deep green, and put a complete rehab on our list of projects. 

Last week the project got started.  The bath was demoed and new windows installed.  

Early this week the walls and ceiling were reinforced and then lined with Wonderboard in preparation for tiling the entire room -- floors, walls AND ceiling.  A fan was added, a pan for the new shower was poured, and the necessary electrical and plumbing work was done. 

All that tiling was done in a couple of days by Giovanni, a good-humored Italian who not only is a ace tiler but runs a small farm about thirty minutes out of town.   He and his helper Joseph were nice guys to have around for a while.  We sure have been lucky that way with our many house projects; everyone has been not only capable but pleasant to have in our home.  

Here you see the windows and the curb for the shower stall. I really like the verticality of the wall tile since it makes the room seem taller.  A frameless glass shower is going to the right with the right window acting as one of its walls.  The toilet will sit in front of the window on the left. 

 Both windows were framed in tile so they can handle the water in the shower and the moisture in the room.   

The ceiling was tiled for the same reason.  The only thing in the room that really can't get wet will be the cabinet holding the sink.

You may be able to tell from this photo that the ceiling is flat near the window but then angles down towards the entrance door.   It's kind of cool looking.

Next week the sink, cabinet, toilet, shower stall, and fixtures all get installed and the room will be finished.  But even at this unfinished stage it looks like a whole different space and we're really happy how it's turning out.  I'd like to take credit for this but it's all due to our friend and designer/general contractor, Susan, of Interior Motives.  We've just agreed to her good plans, welcomed the workmen she found, and paid the invoices she's submitted.  It's a pretty good system.    

We are expecting a big snowstorm over the next two days which will leave us with more than a foot of snow.  I took this photograph of the Flatirons from our balcony a few hours ago when the storm  louds were starting to drift in from the Rockies.  I love to watch the weather coming in over the Flatirons. 

Although there will be a lot of snow Paul is still going to karate tomorrow and Ben will go to the indoor rock climbing gym, we are still planning out to dinner tomorrow night, and we hope to get to a basketball game on Sunday.  When in Boulder, do as the natives do!  Meaning don't let the snow stop you; get out to do your errands and to have fun.  This will be new experience and I'll let you know how it turns out! 

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  1. The bathroom is lookin' good, Mary! It gets a big WOW!


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