Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Another World

We watched with interest as the DC area, where we used to live, "braced" for a snowstorm last night.  About six inches were received and the Federal government and schools are all closed today.  

Boulder had its most recent snowstorm Sunday night into Monday and while totals varied depending on how close to the mountains you are, our street got a solid six inches followed by a topping off last night of another half inch.  

Pretty, isn't it?  Of course around here this is par for the course and every day life continues.  It doesn't hurt that the sun comes out and starts melting everything right away.  Yesterday afternoon I drove over to the Parkour gym to get Paul and the roads were wet but not at all snow covered.  As Paul said, "That's Colorado for you!" 

Today through Thursday are forecast to be sunny, with a high of 60 degrees on Thursday.  Gotta love that sun!

P.S.  I just read in the local paper that the official snow total for Boulder was 9.5", making it a record for February 16.   When I look at the snow on our  deck furniture, it does seem that deep.

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  1. Yes, it is pretty. Beautiful in fact. Thank you for sharing the photos, we southern Californians never get to see this wonderment.


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