Monday, February 2, 2015

Seven Things I Loved About the Super Bowl

I watched my first Super Bowl game yesterday.  I was anti-sports during my earlier years, especially anti-spectator sports which required my sitting instead of doing the sport, and especially anti-football, for which players are well-paid to get brain injuries.   But "never say never" is my watchword nowadays and yesterday I found myself watching the game with Ben and three of our friends. Not only was it my first game but it was my first Super Bowl party and I really enjoyed it.  Here's why.  

1.  It was a close game.   Even a non-fan like me could tell that both teams played well and could get excited about the surprising passes, runs, and catches. 

2.  It was a great opportunity to eat special foods, like potato chips and classic onion dip, and homemade chili and chicken wings.  (Ben made a killer Texas Chili and his chum, Raymond, made "just spicy enough" baked chicken wings.)  Not to mention the chance to try sour beer and New York Sour cocktails.

3.  I had an excuse to actually watch commercials.  Usually I mute them or zip through them on the DVR.  But during the Super Bowl you actually watch and critique them.   We all loved the Budweiser  puppy commercial, as did apparently everyone else, since it was voted the best ad.  

4.  I love the Patriot's silver helmets. So cool.

5. And the Seahawk's green gloves and shoes were even cooler. 

6.  I liked much of Katy Perry's half-time show, and loved the sharks.

 7.  The lights that came on around the stadium as night fell were very pretty and the fireworks were awesome.

What made all this so fun, of course, was watching the spectacle with friends who commented knowledgeably (mostly) about the game, offered their opinions (often strong ones) about the players and performers, joked and laughed and shared their good food and drinks.  It was all fun.  Who knows; maybe we'll have another Super Bowl party next year!  

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  1. Just goes to show ya...I thought the sharks were stupid! (Loved Katy Perry though.)


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