Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Snowy Wednesday

It's snowing today, with about four inches expected by this afternoon.  Looks like we have about three inches already, so who knows what our total will be.  Weather forecasting around here is imprecise, to say the least, especially since the weather changes so much as you move from the plains east of Boulder to the mountains west of us.   

We were supposed to get only a dusting on Super Bowl Sunday but we woke up to five inches.  Most of the snow was gone by Monday due to the warm temperatures and bright sunshine, and we're told to expect that same with today's snowfall.  Tomorrow is forecast to be a "mostly sunny" day with a high of 59 degrees.   

With that kind of forecast I don't mind a quiet day at home.  We've been plenty busy around here and   Paul was sick the past couple of days with strep throat and a bacterial infection on his face which made his nose turn bright red and swollen, poor guy.   But he's back in school today and I'm looking forward to some quiet time.   I'm nursing a bad cold and laying low sounds good to me today.  

Spikey has been very active the past few days.  When he wants out of his "habitat" he bangs against the glass until we let him out.  Then he runs around for a while before settling into some cozy or comfortable place to hang out.

The photo below was taken by Ben yesterday when we hiked up to the Bluebell shelter at Chautauqua.  This is a good hike when the trails are snowy or muddy since it follows a gravel and paved road and is less treacherous.   Can you tell that it was sunny yesterday?  I don't think you can tell that I have a cold.  Ben managed to catch me between blowing my nose and coughing!

I'm glad we got out before the snow arrived.  Although I'm not so keen on being out in the snow, it doesn't stop a lot of people around here.  I've seen folks walking, running, and cycling up and down our street while I've been typing this.  And now I see that the kids at the school across the street are coming out for recess and are playing ball in the snow!


  1. spikey is the coolest!
    It's warmer there than here.


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