Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day Portrait

I'm so glad that Ben remembered to take the annual Mother's Day portrait.  I had forgotten all about it! 

We did have snow on Mother's Day, though only three or four inches, not the six to ten that was predicted.  We went out to dinner in Denver Saturday night when the storm started and had a very exciting drive back to Boulder in a raging snowstorm!  When we went to bed I was sure we'd find deep snow in the morning, but we didn't.   The sun came out for an hour or so late morning and we headed out for a five mile hike only to have the sun disappear again, leaving us to hike in the cold and wet.  Here I am at the high point of the hike with snow on the ground, looking a little put out, yes?  Well, the hike down was beautiful and we had a nice hot bowl of soup for lunch to warm up.    

But this morning the sun is out and everyone is happy to see it.  Seems like it's been days and days since it was sunny.   I think Spikey is one of the happiest to see the sun! He really missed it and there's no explaining these things to a lizard, even one as cool as Spikey.


  1. You look amazing Mary, your new life in the Rockies is certainly agreeing with you!!

  2. you are looking svelte Mary! LeeAnna


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