Saturday, May 9, 2015

Around Here

Around here it's been raining off and on for days and days.  It is supposed to rain all weekend and there may even be snow for Mother's Day tomorrow.   I felt sorry for the CU graduates who had pouring rain during their graduation this morning.  We're told that the ground is saturated and there are flood warnings but so far everything seems under control. 

But of course we need the rain and it's been great for our lawns and gardens.  Our grass shot up so high that in between rain storms we bought an electric mower and Ben managed to mow the front lawn.  

My hero! 

Loved this photo of Paul that I took the other day.  Can't you just hear him thinking "Really, Mom?"  Paul is playing his bari sax in a recital today; actually volunteered to do it, which is pretty cool.  

That handsome dog, Gus, was here the other night and he and Paul had a fun romp together in the living room after dinner.   Left tons of yellow lab hair everywhere but it was certainly worth it to see the two of them together.  You can see from this photo why he is called "that handsome dog." 

Moving forward on the kitchen rehab, we picked out a new dishwasher.  Decided on one with a "third rack," a shallow rack at the top of the appliance which holds silverware and small items.  At first I pooh-poohed the idea but then realized that laying out your silverware this way right under the top spinning water arm results in very clean silverware, which will be a nice change.  And saves a lot of room on the bottom most rack for big bowls and pots.  So that decision was easy but as for which brand to buy, well, that wasn't so easy.  Seems like no brand is trustworthy nowadays.  We finally ordered a Miele since we have had no problems at all with any of our three Miele vacuums, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.   

In an effort to improve my wacky sleep pattern (sleep two hours, wake up for two hours, repeat until morning) I've switched to reading "text" books at night instead of e-books.  I picked up Anna Quindlen's Blessings when I was on vacation with Jean and finished it last night.  A good story with a welcome message about how sometimes people actually can change and grow and move out of what seems like their preassigned part in life.  If you're looking for a gentle but worthwhile read, I recommend it. 

I'm heading out to a quilting bee meeting where I'll do some hand stitching on a project I'm excited about.  No photos yet, but they're coming!


  1. That IS one handsome dog, but I thing the thing that stands out is the way Paul's hair matches the chair.

  2. omg yes, there have been many studies done that led screens, computer screens interrupt sleep patterns. I always read books at night, and by read I mean I read three pages then fall asleep holding the book. The book falling wakes me enough to put out the light! Leeanna


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