Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Kitchen Demo Day Minus Four

The kitchen demo work is slated for Monday.  All the cabinets will come down, the appliances and the sink removed, and the counter tops taken out.  It will be a glorious mess, a big step towards a new updated kitchen which we will all really enjoy.  

But first we have to get everything out of the kitchen and most everything out of the adjacent dining room which will be used as a staging and work area during the rehab.

Argh!!  Didn't we just pack up a kitchen last year when we moved from Maryland to Colorado?  How could we accumulate so much stuff since we moved in?  And where will we put all these boxes?

Oh well, we keep telling ourselves it will all work out.  And it will.  Having lived through one kitchen rehab we know we will survive this one.        

Fetcher knows how to make the best of things!  Hey, little kitty, I'm needing that drawer for some pots and pans!

 Yesterday we picked up the wood for the new floor.  A fork lift was used to get the wood and cork underlayment out to the car....

...and brute strength to get it loaded into the Subaru.

It all fit but it sure was a heavy load.

The other big job was writing the check.

It's all ready and waiting in the dining room now.  It'll be fun to see it end up as our kitchen floor.

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