Friday, August 28, 2015

Bike to School Day

 Check out the big smile on Paul!

Today he biked to school for the first time and he was pretty excited.  Around here a lot of kids skateboard, scooter, and bike to school.  They also take the public buses, walk, and carpool.  The school system only provides bus transportation for students who live up the canyons.  Last year Paul mostly carpooled to school but this year we and the other parents told the kids we won't drive them unless the weather is bad.  After all, it's only a little over a mile to school and exercise is good for you.  

After several days of walking to school Paul was ready to try biking, especially since the ride to school is mostly downhill. 

Check out the big pack on Paul.  

This is what made me more nervous than excited about his biking to school.   The thing is huge and heavy and I could easily imagine it swinging as Paul rode, unbalancing him and him tumbling into the street.   On the other hand the ride is short, there's a bike lane for half of it, and drivers around here are certainly used to watching out for bikes.  So this morning after a few practice runs down our quiet side street he was off!  

Go, Paul, go! 

Fifteen minutes later we got a text saying that he had arrived safely at school.  

He's off to a good start.  Now we'll see how the ride home, about half of which is uphill, goes.    

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  1. Good for you moms! My sister won't let her 17 year old walk to school...two blocks away and in a residential neighborhood. Go Paul, Go!! Proud of you!


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