Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Making Memories

This is the only photograph I took of the lobster party that Ben threw for my birthday last Friday night. I shot it just after he had opened the big box of lobsters he had flown in from Maine and was ready to put the first one in the pot to cook.  After that things just got too wild to take photos, what with Ben watching the two pots it took to cook the fourteen lobsters and both of us enjoying the thirteen adults and three children who were there to celebrate.  I had a great time and really appreciated all the effort Ben put into making this memorable evening for me.

We had the party on Friday night even though my birthday was on Saturday because John and Dawn and the twins were leaving Saturday morning.  We had a wonderful visit with them.  The boys have really grown up and the whole family is looking forward to moving to Boulder in two years. 

One of the fun times with the boys was the day I took them to Boulder Creek to play around in the water.  It was a hot but gorgeous summer day and there were lots of people there having a good time. It was quickly determined that it was safe to jump off of one of the big rocks.

Paul made the first leap...

...and then he coaxed Johnny into trying it.  

Johnny wasn't so sure...

....but summoned up his courage, took off his glasses....

...and went for it!

I don't think that Michael ever did make the jump but sure had a fun time up on that big rock.

After a while the boys decided to try sliding down a rock that the tubers were going over.   They checked it over well...

...and then Paul gave it a try.  As he went down the slide the small whirlpool at the bottom pulled him under for a second and then spit him out.  Look at that face! 

You wouldn't think it was fun, but Paul declared it "awesome" and then all three boys had to give it a try while I watched a bit nervously from the sideline.

But it was all good and everyone went home safe and sound with some great memories of a fun time spent together.   And that's what family visits are for, after all.


  1. What a wonderful, wonderful way to celebrate a birthday. Happy belated birthday! And those lobsters! What a great way to celebrate...you guys really know how to party. I respect that.

  2. leave it to me to miss your actual birthday. I even already have a present! I now have three people who are waiting for mail.
    Oy! looks like you all had a good time. Did you also jump off the boulder? Slide down the rock into the eddy? Hope so! LeeAnna


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