Thursday, August 6, 2015

Time Out

Ben's brother, John, his wife, Dawn, and their two twelve year old boys are here visiting this week and we are enjoying a relaxing time together.  

It's 9:45 A.M. and the adults are still at the table having coffee and reading the paper while the kids are either still sleep or are hanging out in their beds with their iPads and phones.  We haven't gone for a walk, taken a shower, or done anything productive yet, though the day's plans call for a trip to the Boulder Reservoir to try paddle boarding, a trip to two local thrift shops, and a walk with That Handsome Dog Gus.   

It's been hot the last day or two and is predicted to be in the mid 90's today, but it cools way down at night and we sleep with all the windows open and the fans going.  It feels like we're at the beach. 

We did manage to get to the Farmer's Market yesterday to buy a box of wonderful Colorado peaches. 

The gladiolas were irresistible as well.  

John and Dawn like Spikey and he is enjoying the extra attention he's getting this week. 

We're beginning to get messages from school reminding us that these lazy summer days are drawing to a close.   But for now, we're loving this time out.

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  1. no wonder everyone is reluctant to leave the table. That itenerary sounds exhausting. Fun maybe but a full day for sure.
    Are they looking for a house yet? Great pic of spikey. LeeAnna


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