Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Big Changes

Look at this beautiful big book case which was installed in my studio yesterday!  It was ordered for the kitchen, to serve as a pantry next to the fridge.  But when the fellows went to put it in place the other day they found it was slightly damaged and declared it not perfect enough for the kitchen.  The company said it would send a new one and we should keep the old one so I immediately claimed the damaged one.  

Luckily for me, the damaged part fit up against the corner and isn't noticeable in the new location.  

I am thrilled to have it.  Lately I've been wanting to separate the sewing part of my studio from the office part, so once the new shelves were in I rearranged my work tables so I now have the sewing area on the left and the office on the right, conveniently adjacent to the shelves, some of which hold the files and supplies I need when I'm working at my computer. 

Here's a picture of older arrangements so you can see the difference. 

Today is a big day in the kitchen.  The counter tops are being installed, which means the sink can go in, and then all the appliances can be reinstalled.  By the weekend we should have a working kitchen again.  Yeah!  Of course, there will be lots of details to finish but at least we can cook again.

We're putting in granite, white and gray for all the regular height counters and a black leathered piece for the raised counter between the kitchen and dining room.  Here's how things looked this morning.  Watch this spot to see what happens!


Oh, and did I mention that the roofers are here?  Yes, on top of all this kitchen work we're putting a new roof on the house.  Might as well get it all over with at once!


  1. score on the book case for the studio!! LeeAnna

  2. Your studio/office has shaped up nicely.


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