Sunday, September 20, 2015

Never Say Never

On Friday night I was at the Boulder High football game, which I'm fairly sure is the first football game that I've ever attended.  Back in the late 60's when I was in high school football wasn't cool, at least with my art/drama/music crowd.  No one attended the games; it just wasn't done.   And forget football in college.  If I had any interest in school sports it would have been basketball, but again, sports wasn't where it was at for me.  Ditto for Ben, who ended up at the Friday night game with me.  Our lack of interest in team sports was one of the things we had in common when we met in the 70's.  

So why were we spending a beautiful evening at a football game?  To support this fellow, who is not only in the Wind Ensemble this year but in Pep Band, which plays at the home football games.   Here he is eating a slice of pizza before the game, all dressed up in the school colors of purple and gold.

The band and orchestra parents run the home game concession stands, earning about $5000 a year that goes directly to the school music program.  So Ben and I volunteered to help at last night's game.     Ben was put in charge of pizza and nachos while I tended the hot dogs and made coffee and hot chocolate.  We could hear the band from where we were and I thought they sounded pretty good.  (This photo doesn't show the whole band, but you can see Paul in the middle.)  

We didn't get to see much of the game, but it was kind of fun to be there.   It was Homecoming on a pretty early fall evening, Boulder had a big win, and there were fireworks after the game.

As we left the stadium I couldn't help thinking that I never thought I'd be at a football game.  You never know where parenting will take you! 


  1. I missed the football gene too, Mary. But my dear spouse makes up for both of us (me 'n you).

  2. Well, I HAD to go to HS football games. I was dating the quarterback and later married him. But now, I'm the football fan and not him. Great Boulder colors. Watch just might become a big fan.....especially if Paul goes to CU or CSU !!

  3. that brought back great memories. My parents never supported us but I was in the band all through Junior and senior high, marched in every game home and away in a wool uniform with precision drills. What fun to belong to the group and be a part of such a big half time show every week. I even learned the game! Mostly it was about belonging. And the fun of bus rides to away games. LeeAnna


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