Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Gone Fishing

I'm writing this while on vacation with my wonderful sister, Jean;  can you guess where?

This is the view from our window at the Wildwrness Lodge in Disneyworld.  It's raining and thunderstorms are predicted to rain all morning. But we're heading out to Animal Kingdom anyway in the hopes that the safari will be open and the animals more lively in the rain.

The news from the homefront is that the pendant lights were installed over the sink yesterday....

...and the glass was put in the cabinet doors.

The coffee maker has been moved into the kitchen and that is good.

Well, Jean and I are off to see what fun we can have in the rain today.  Jean says that in all her trips to Disneyworld ---15! (And still not enough, she says) -- it's never rained very long.  So we have some hope.

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