Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Having Fun in Disneyworld

It rained most of the morning yesterday when Jean and I were in Animal Kingdom, which has mostly outdoor rides and attractions.  We thought about changing our plans and going to a park with inside attractions but then read online that the animals on the Safari ride are livelier and thus more interesting to see in the rain and that the rain would keep many visitors away so the lines would be much shorter.   This is exactly what happened.

With no wait for the Safari ride we rode it twice.  The first time we saw three lions on Pride Rock and one of them was roaring.  This is very unusual and made the driver cry out "Now there's a family portrait for you!"   Can you spot them in the photo?  It was the female on the bottom rock who had been roaring.  

On the second ride the elephants were on the move, walking along the river in a leisurely and majestic way which was beautiful to see.

After Animal Kingdom we went to Hollywood Studios where I summoned up the courage to ride the Rocking Roller Coaster.  It is fast, accelerating from 0 to 57 mph miles in 2.8 seconds!  After the first five seconds I realized I was still alive, told myself to keep breathing, and actually enjoyed the rest of the ride.  I felt so brave that I went with Jean on her favorite ride, The Tower of Terror.  It has big drops which scare me but I decided to go anyway.  The woman seated on my left was also nervous and as the ride started I impulsively grabbed her hand and we hung on tight together.  I grabbed Jean on my other side and made it through the first drop! I knew there were at least three drops but the number can  change depending on the ride.  We had five drops and by the last one I had gotten used to my stomach lurching and was actually enjoying myself. 

In the evening we went to Epcot and enjoyed the Food and Wine Festival.

Today we made memories of another type, taking a fishing excursion together out on the lake by the Wilderness Lodge.   We caught a lot of fish and had a lot of fun while Dave from "Let's Go Fishing" took care of such things like driving the boat, hooking the bait, getting bait off the boat canopy (don't ask how it got there!) and unhooking a baby alligator from a fishing line (again, don't ask!)

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  1. feels like I was there. Glad not to be there for the rides... I do not need to be scared for money! Life is scary enough. LeeAnna


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