Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Grow, Paul, Grow

Yes, this is my son repairing his bike with his own hands.  It was, apparently, quite a moment.  I wasn't there but I was texted several photographs as evidence that something of note was happening in my absence.  

The story is that somehow the chain ring on Paul's bike got bent.   Ben got online and ordered a new chain ring thinking that when it arrived he would teach Paul how to replace the bent one.  Ben's done a lot of bike repairs in his day and felt he could tackle this project with Paul.

But then last night the guys were driving by Community Cycles, a local nonprofit bike organization, and Ben remembered that it offered memberships which included workshop space where members could make repairs to their bikes under the guidance of a shop assistant.  Paul's bike was on the car bike rack so on impulse they stopped to check out the shop and before they knew it we had a family membership and Paul was replacing the chain ring with the assistant's help.  

The shop requires all members doing repairs to wear closed toes shoes and Ben was wearing sandals, so he stood on the sidelines cheering Paul on.

Fixing your own bike is a big step towards maturity and independence and it was a proud moment for Dad and son.  

My boy is growing up!

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  1. Yeah, they do that. (grow up.) It's sweet and sad at the same time.


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