Monday, September 7, 2015

Kitchen Update

In the past week we went from this... this.  

When I say "we" I don't mean that Ben and I actually did the work.  No, this is definitely not a "do it yourself" project.   All the hard work was done by the carpenters, Tom and Henry, working under the direction of our friend Susan who owns the Interior Motives design company.  

Most of the cabinets are in and we're set to get the main countertop templated the end of this coming week.  The pantry next to the fridge and the cabinet under the window will be installed after the floor is laid, which will happen later this week or maybe next, depending on when Rob, the floor installer, completes his current job.  

I'm loving how the new cabinets look; such a relief to like them so much when I basically picked them from small product samples! The upper cabinets look more "peachy" than they are due to the gold paint.  They'll look more light gray when we paint the walls white and add the new backsplash.

Here you can see how the wood grain shows through the stain.  I had picked an "all paint" finish and then changed my mind at the last minute, and I'm glad I did!

Ben and I and Paul do have jobs in this project.  We stay out of the workmen's way,  do a lot of clean up, and don't complain about making do without our usual kitchen and dining facility.

The other night we grilled some fish out on the deck, which sounds nice until you remember that the deck now looks like this:

 Still, when there's a will there's a way.

Here's Ben making coffee this morning. 

It's not too hard to put up with the confusion since we know that in a few weeks we'll be working in a wonderful new kitchen.  Coffee making, for instance, will be done in this corner, perfectly designed to house the "coffee shrine" with the upper cabinets set at just the right height for the espresso maker and open shelves giving ready access to all the coffee paraphernalia.     

Meanwhile we are doing a lot of hiking.  The fresh air and exercise are a great counterpoint to the upheaval at home.   


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