Thursday, September 17, 2015

Kitchen Floors and Lights

The new floor is in!  We chose strand woven bamboo, said to be very hard, durable and easy to maintain.  I sure love how it looks.   

And many, but not all, of the new lights were installed yesterday.  The ceiling lights, below cabinet lights, and the top cabinet lights are all in.  There's a few pendant lights still to go.

Just as a reminder, here's the old kitchen. 

I had to laugh when I spotted Spikey sitting on top of a drill in the window yesterday.  This is not a posed photo!  

Today the remaining cabinets go in and maybe the refrigerator gets moved back into the kitchen.  Sure will be nice to get it out of the hall.


  1. all boys like power tools. Lighting is so important to setting a mood/feeling in a room

  2. It does look good, even before it is finished. And, I must say, Spikey is quite a guy.


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