Tuesday, October 20, 2015

"A Little Zombie Goes a Long Way!"

 We all had a great weekend; Paul at band camp up in the Rockies and me and Ben in Denver.  We stayed at the Curtis, a Doubletree hotel described as "a uniquely fun boutique in downtown Denver," which indeed it was.  We were a block away from the 16th Street Mall, a mile long pedestrian mall with lots of restaurants, shopping and sights including the renovated Union Station, the Denver Art Museum, and the State Capitol.  We had a fun meal at the Stoic and Genuine seafood restaurant, saw the movie "Bridge of Spies," walked around a lot and just relaxed.

On Saturday night the mall was packed with people attending the "Eye Heart Brains" Zombie Crawl,  and Ben and I got caught up in it as we walked to the movie theater.   At first it was kind of fun to see all the costumed people and I even took a couple of photos. 

But after a bit we grew tired of zombie activity.  There were literally thousands of them and the majority were covered with fake blood, which was gross.  This photo is from the Denver newspaper. Yuck!

This is also from the newspaper.  I remember this fellow.  He kept running around scaring people.  It all got to be annoying, and since we weren't in the spirit of the thing we headed off the mall for a stiff drink.  As Ben said, "A little zombie goes a long way!"

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