Sunday, October 25, 2015

Around Here

Around Here....I've been having fun with my new sewing machine.  

My studio time has been limited this week but I certainly enjoyed what time I had.   When I bought my two first machines way back in the 20th century I had to go to the dealer for instruction and classes.  This time free classes are available to me but with 21st century technology I'm finding that I'm managing pretty well without them.   In addition to an excellent printed instruction manual, the machine has an online manual and comes with an instructional DVD with videos on every feature of the machine.  And if that isn't enough I can jump online to get info and advice from bloggers and teachers across the country. 

Yesterday I was learning the blanket stitch so I could applique hearts to little squares, a little project for my quilt guild which sends out "Caring Heart" blocks to members who are going through tough times.  I had bought some new carved stamps with encouraging phrases like "Take good care," stamped them on some white fabric, cut them into hearts, and selected suitable fabrics on which to fasten the hearts.   

On my now gone Pfaff I had used a satin stitch....

....but I like the look of the blanket stitch better.  I need to practice more so I can get the stitch just right where the two sides of the heart meet.

But I'm having fun.  To celebrate I trimmed up an embroidered block that I bought from a local embroidery store and hung it up in my studio. 

Around Here.... It's beginning to look like Halloween. I put out something old, a pumpkin that I made a million years ago with my quilting friend, Lee Anna, in Maryland...

...and something new, a lighted pumpkin I found in a local thrift store.

Around here...we've been hiking, of course!  Earlier today Ben and I and our friend Lotus headed off to climb up Flagstaff Mountain via the Crown Rock trail.  The higher peak in this photo is the summit.  Up, up up!

Here's Ben and me on the way back down from the summit, with Boulder in the background.  

When we head out of the house we have to keep an eye out for Fetcher, who will sometimes follow us.  The other day Ben caught him up and gave him a nice hug before putting him in the house.

Around Here...we are having lovely autumn days.  Our temps are in the mid sixties, there is lots of sunshine, and no prediction of snow.  It should be a good week!

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  1. Fetcher wants to walk with his peeps and show you off to his cat friends. They make cat harnesses, so when you take a little walk you could take him along. I do want a video of you, Ben, Fetcher, and Spikey on his harness!! Come on do it!
    The machine doesn't look as enormous as when I tried it... guess it fit right in.
    I very well remember us making those pumpkins side by side sharing little two inch squares! LEeAnna


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