Tuesday, October 6, 2015

An Autumn Hike

 It's raining here right now but yesterday was sunny and a tad cool, just right for a hike in the foothills to see if the sumac had turned red yet.

I've always loved the golden colors of autumn in Boulder.  As we visited here over the years we often came around the Columbus Day holiday when the weather was usually perfect and the colors were autumnal.  

At the start of our hike yesterday Ben and I walked through lovely golden grasses.

We both had cameras.  Ben likes to take pictures of me!

The leaves on some of the bushes were turning.  I loved this coppery color and asked Ben to take a photo with his good camera.

Near the end of the hike the trail is lined with sumac, with leaves that turn a fiery red around this time of year.  They weren't quite at their peak, but they were still putting on an amazing display.  


Even the back sides of the leaves were beautiful.

Ben even likes taking pictures of me taking pictures!  

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  1. Stunning vistas and colors Mary, and Ben took a beautiful picture of you. Colorado is agreeing with you!


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