Sunday, October 4, 2015

Disney Photographs

I was startled when Jean and I were greeted at the entrance to the Magic Kingdom with a big orange Mickey Mouse wreath last Thursday.   Orlando was so hot and so humid that the Autumn and Halloween decorations in the Magic Kingdom seemed very out of place.   I arrived back in Boulder on Friday afternoon where the temperatures were in the high 60's and the humidity in the low 20's and the crisp cool air declared that autumn was arriving.  

One of the things I needed to do this weekend was the photo challenge for my online photograph class.  Since the weekend itself was pretty busy I looked to the photos I had taken at Disney and used a couple of them to experiment with the challenge rather than shooting new images.  The challenge was to use a "Dreamscape BW-Color" technique in PhotoShop.   Using it, this photo....

 ...turned into this.  Cool!

It was fun to review photos from my trip.  I especially liked this one of flamingos in Animal Kingdom....

...and this one, taken on a boat on the lake at sunset our last night. 

The professional photographers on the grounds near the big sites at Disney were very gracious about taking our picture with our cell phone cameras.  That's how we got this one of me and Jean by Cinderella's Castle, a nice momento of our wonderful time together.   

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  1. terrific photos especially the last one. So special. I am jealous of CO . The hurricane passed by with just rain and winds but they sprayed for mosquitos again today so I'm locked in the house. The air is cool and dry and we have sun after 6 days of rain, so I get to look out a window... Wish I was there, or in FL.


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