Friday, October 30, 2015

Kitchen Reveal

The kitchen is now done!  The tile was installed earlier this week and that was the last step in the overhaul which began the end of August.  The plan was to leave the basic footprint of the old kitchen while adding a few conveniences -- such as a place to make espresso and a place to charge cell phones -- as well as giving the overall space an up to date look.  Besides replacing the window, there were no structural changes.

Here's the "before" view... 

...and here's the "after." 

Looking towards the window, here's the "before"...

...and here's the "after." 

The sink area "before"....

and "after."

The corner... reworked into the perfect spot for making our morning lattes.

The old cooking area...

...and the new.  Check out that tile!  Oh, and I have to tell you that the old pink tile made more sense when we took down the old cupboards and found that the original paint was pink!

Here's a closeup of the cool inset above the stove.

We kept the idea of these clever open shelves....

...but they are so much nicer now.

The old cupboards around the refrigerator ...

....were replaced by ones that give the space a "built in" look.  

Check out the nifty cupboard above the fridge. Finally we have a place for all those large flat cooking pans.

We liked having the open shelves next to the fridge... we put bigger ones there, giving us easy access to most of our pots and pans.  

The window area used to be just for growing plants...

...but now provides much needed drawers, a place for the microwave, and a large counter. 

The old pantry shelves were moved to the dining room where they are quite useful. 

And the cart that held the coffee machine is also now in the dining room where it serves as a place to make cocktails.   

We were so lucky to have the help of our friend Lotus, owner of Interior Motives, doing the design work and acting as our contractor.  She thought of all the little details that make the kitchen so workable, like including a spot for the step stool I need to reach the upper shelves, and found, hired, and oversaw the various workmen.

Now that it's all done we are kicking back and enjoying the result of all our planning.

You should come enjoy it, too!  Family and friends are always welcome! 

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