Tuesday, November 3, 2015

November? Really?

Can it really be November? 

Boulder has enjoyed a long period of summer like weather this year with wonderful warm temperatures and no snow or even frost right up to this week.  By Thursday "a bit of snow" is expected with a high only in the mid 40's, but as of now we still have a lovely sunny day with plenty of warmth.  I love it, but it does make it hard to think that it's really November.  I was shocked to see that Thanksgiving will be here in about three weeks. 

But the mountain peaks are covered with snow and when Ben went up there to hike recently he found at least a half of foot on the trail.  Winter will be here soon.

 Halloween has come and gone, though our decorations are still up.  We had a little dinner party to celebrate the holiday and the completion of the kitchen, and that was a lot of fun.  Two people even came in costumes!  Don't you love this skunk? Maybe I'll dress up next year. 

Having a party is a bit scary.  You wonder if the food turn out well and will everyone mix nicely and have a good time.  I think some stage fright just comes with the package of being a good host, but it is still scary.

It seems like I've been doing a lot of nerve wracking things lately.  I'm in charge of a holiday wreath and flower sale for the music kids at school which means handling a lot of student orders and checks, placing big orders with vendors, and arranging for delivery and pickup of the products, all things that are well outside of my comfort zone.  And I went down to the school board meeting to make a statement about a change in the school music program which the board should reject,  which was definitely scary.  Even today when I loaded up a photo for my online photography class I was nervous about whether I had made the image the correct size and got my metadata right.

I think I'm feeling the affect of dealing with upheaval of the kitchen remodel, which not only had the kitchen in an uproar but my studio and the dining room.  For a few weeks it seemed like nothing was where it should be.  It also seemed like technology kept changing, especially apps and operating systems, and I couldn't count on anything working the way it used to.  It probably didn't help that I was at the beginning of a learning curve for my sophisticated new sewing machine. And then I upgraded to the iPhone 6s the other day, which is great but still means learning its new features.  Even the cable box was changed out yesterday and now when I go to use the TV the remote isn't what I'm used to.  

Ordinarily I'd find these changes exciting and fun to deal with and I know that it's good to move outside your comfort zone.  But right now I'm ready for things to slow down and stand still for a while.  As winter approaches, I'm feeling like being in a bit of a rut would be a nice change for a few months.

I think I'm ready to be like Spikey and just hang out and watch the world go by for a while.

It sure is a beautiful world.

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