Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Basting the Christmas Quilt

 Last November I surprised myself by buying a pattern and kit for a Christmas quilt that was on display at a local vendor's sale.   I'm not sure that I've ever bought a kit before, but I was so taken by the colors and lively design that before I knew it I was handing over my money to buy Ric-Rac 2 by the Sweetheart Quilt Design Company.   I put the top together at a spring retreat, adding several more fabrics to those included in the kit.  At another retreat last weekend I pieced together a back so the quilt would end up being reversible.  After all, it was going to be a lap quilt so both the back and front would be seen.  Coming home from the retreat I promised myself to get the quilt basted together soon so I'd have the pleasure of quilting it over the next few weeks, a perfect way to get into the Christmas spirit!

Basting a quilt in my house is quite an operation.  First I have to get out the ironing board so the front and back can be pressed.  In my studio I usually just have up a small ironing station.    When I have a big job to do I set the big board up in front of one of my computers.


Then I have to extend the leaves of my wonderful cutting table so I have a surface to lay the back, batting, and top out on.  This meant moving everything off the cutting table, of course.   I choose to pin baste, which meant a lot of pins.

Of course I had only a full size bat for my lap size quilt, so that meant cutting off quite a bit of batting.

After closing all the pins I could finally flip the quilt over to see how well I had stretched out the back.  Good enough for a seasonal lap quilt meant for me to enjoy, not to display. 

Here's the front, all ready to quilt. 

 And the back, displayed on my studio day bed to tempt me into quilting it whenever I enter the room.


  1. gosh I might like the back better! There is no back or front in this though. Ought to give lots of practice on that new machine. LEeAnna

  2. I think it's gorgeous! I love the fabrics you used in this one.

  3. This quilt is going to be lovely. It certainly will remind you to quilt it ..... until it just becomes part of the furniture!! I've a Christmas quilt that I want to do and haven't even cut it out yet!

  4. The top looks wonderful. You are very thrifty using all those pieces in the backing. I hear you about the work involved in pin basting. I use my floor, but it's still a big deal - usually worth it though.

  5. That's a real beauty! The top is wonderful, but I really like the way you pieced the back. I think kit quilts are a fine way to go! Have fun quilting it!


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