Sunday, November 22, 2015

Let It Snow!

We finally got our first decent snowfall the other day.  The average date for the first snow is mid October and here it was mid November, so it was time.  It was only a couple of inches and it melted quickly from the roads.  But when we went hiking up in Chautauqua we found many of the trails snow covered and a few with ice.  It was beautiful, though sometimes treacherous.  

I had been anticipating the first snowfall.  You may have read about the big blizzard that hit southern Colorado a week or so ago before moving east into the plains of Kansas.  It dumped enough snow on Denver that some schools were cancelled for the day, a very unusual event.   That storm was predicted to give Boulder up to eight inches of snow, but it swung east before hitting us, so we received hardly a dusting.  

To offset my disappointment I decided to play around with making a little 8x10" machine stitched image to capture my feeling.  I was pretty happy with how it turned out. 

The trees were cut from a fabric that had a snowy scene printed on it and the snowy sky was cut from another fabric and embellished with some crystals and white thread.   The title was cut from a piece of ribbon I've had around for years.  

I finished it up at the quilt retreat last weekend and put it up on the mantle to invoke the snow gods.  I guess it worked!  

The latest forecast for Thanksgiving Day calls for a chance of snow.  Wouldn't that make for a cozy holiday? 


  1. awe that's good. See one should keep little bits and bobs as you never know when they will fit in! LeeAnna

  2. Cute, cute, cute little quilt! You should make that into your Christmas card!


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