Monday, November 30, 2015

Hello, Monday!

It's been snowing off and on since Thanksgiving and I awoke this morning at 6:45 to another inch or two on the ground.   Too much on the streets for me to want Paul to ride his bike to school and I also wanted to put up signs in the band and orchestra rooms to remind the kids that tomorrow is the day they are to pick up the wreaths and flowers they had sold as a fund raising project.  So I threw on some clothes, ran a brush through my hair, grabbed the signs and joined Paul at the car. 

At 7:30 I was at the school putting up the signs.  I ran into the band teacher and chatted a bit, reminding him of the pickup.  I found the orchestra teacher in the xerox room rushing to copy packets of field trip information to distribute to the students today.  I've been doing xeroxing and other clerical tasks for the music teachers this year and I offered to take over her copying so she could get ready for her 8:00 class.  She gratefully accepted my offer and there were smiles all around even as I realized that in my haste to leave the house I put on my not very flattering hiking tights and my rattiest old jacket.  Oh, well.  In a few minutes the first period bell rang and I was blissfully alone in the xerox room. 

By 8:30 I was out of school and on my way back home.  I was eagerly anticipating the shower, coffee, and breakfast I would have before heading back to the school to meet the flower delivery truck and get the flowers organized for tomorrow's pickup.  As I drove, though, I noticed how beautifully the sun was starting to hit the mountains.  I decided to drive up the hill to get a closer look and saw Ben walking up to help our friend with a morning project.  He got in the car but we only got a couple of blocks before we stopped so Ben could take a picture of the snow-covered  Flagstaff Mountain with moon still visible over it.   

After I dropped Ben off I stopped at the Chautauqua parking lot and got out and took several photos of the Flatirons.   I was not alone.  I counted at least five other photographers trying to capture the view. 


I got home by 9:00.  I had done quite a lot in the short time I had been awake and I still have a big day ahead of me, but I felt invigorated but all the beauty I had seen.  Not a bad way to start off the week!    

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