Friday, December 4, 2015

Scenes from a Busy Week

This week's challenge for my year-long online photography class "Self Portrait."  I got mine done and turned in just in time on Sunday night.  Whew, only four weeks to go! 

Monday at noon a truck pulled up at Boulder High and four big pallets containing 93 poinsettias and 128 narcissus and amaryllis kits were unloaded.  They were moved into the hall near the band room where I carefully checked them against the inventory and signed that all was well.  The final stage of the Instrumental Music Parent's Association wreath and flower sale was underway!  

Thorough out the afternoon I worked with two other volunteers to organize the flowers by the name of the student who sold them, so they would be ready for the student pickup scheduled for the next day.  We sort of took over the band room.  

Monday night to relax after all that work Ben and I went to hear by Michael Martin Murphey, singer of cowboy songs.  We have several of his recordings and enjoy them, and were not disappointed in his "Cowboy Christmas" concert.

On Tuesday at 1:00 another truck pulled up to Boulder High, this one loaded with over two hundred wreaths and garlands.  Like the flowers, these were unloaded, counted, signed for, and organized for pickup.

Pickup began about 3:00 and continued until 6:00.  About fifty kids and their parents came to find their orders.  Several volunteers helped the kids find their orders and I went back and forth between the band room and the outside wreath area, resolving problems.

Hats off to Ben who spent all afternoon working with the wreaths.  After five it was very cold and dark but he hung in there to the end. 

By 6:15 we were enjoying a warming drink at a nearby bar, a good reward for a hard day's work. 

Wednesday and Thursday were problem solving days.  I had helped with this fund raiser last year but didn't work with any of the problem orders.   But as the chair this year they fell to me.  Most involved mix ups in sizes or colors of the nineteen different products we sold this year or students who just didn't come pick up their orders.  But I also was analyzing the whole process with an eye to making the fundraiser easier on the adult volunteers next year.  One thing is for sure, we aren't selling nineteen different products!   We're identifying the top sellers and sticking with them.  Simplify, simplify.  This morning I cleared the band room of any last remaining unsold or orphan items and I have just two final problems which will be fixed after a trip to the greenhouse in Denver today, a task made more fun by coupling it with a great lunch in that area.

As a treat to myself I went to a mini quilting retreat Thursday afternoon where I worked on the "snow globe" fabric Christmas cards I started last year.

It's such fun to play with these, even though the process of selecting the fabric to use and then following all the steps involved in creating a card results in a very messy studio.   I say "Yeah!"  The fund raiser work is done; time to play!

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  1. Whew! Great self portrait, by the way! Happiest of Christmases to you and yours.


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