Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Lighting up the Darkness

Boulder is really putting on a holiday light show this year.  

It's been tradition to light up the commercial areas of Pearl Street Mall....     

...and the star on Flagstaff Mountain has been lit for the holidays for many years. 

But this year the Civic Center is all lit up...

...and enterprising businesses on University Hill began a new campaign to "Light up the Hill."  (BTW, do you notice the shorts this CU student is wearing?  We call them "winter shorts" and kids wear them all winter long, regardless of the cold.) 

 One of the things I really enjoy about the holiday season is how all the decorations light up the winter nights, so I'm a happy camper when the Flagstaff Star is lit in November and am delighted with all the new light displays this year.

Lights are especially welcome in our neighborhood since the sun slips behind Flagstaff Mountain about 4:30, leaving us in darkness.

We've done our part to dispel the gloom of night, putting up holiday lights under Paul's direction again this year.

The beautiful wreath and garland are products of the music program sale I wrote about last week.  One of the results of it is that our nice neighbors who supported the sale have hung their wreaths and garlands up, adding to the neighborhood lights and decorations.   Fun!

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  1. Very nice; the garlands are lovely. I can't get Jim up on a ladder (he comes unglued on the little 2-step ladder) so "we" don't do outside lights, although we own two bins of them... We can look out our back terrace and see all the beautiful lights the folks in our community have put up. I just love it. So festive.


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