Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Snow Day!

The little snow that was predicted turned out to be almost a foot as the storm shifted direction slightly and tracked over Boulder and Denver instead of more north, as predicted.  

 By Monday night the forecast had been upgraded to 5-10 inches across our area, but we were still very surprised early Tuesday morning when we heard the "bing" of the text message notifications on our phones alerting us to a text from the school system announcing that schools were closed for the day.  Amazing!  The last time they were closed was in April (yes, April!) 2012 when Boulder was covered with two feet of snow.  

There was only about six inches on the ground early Tuesday but it was still snowing hard and wasn't going to stop to until early afternoon.  And, as we found out when we went out to shovel, it was a heavy set snow which make driving especially difficult.  When we heard that CU was closed (and had cancelled the final exams scheduled for the day!) and that government offices were closed as well, the school's decision made even more sense.  

Since it snowed most of the day I didn't take many photographs. This one was from our front door. Do you see the footsteps down our walk?  Those were made by the FedEx workers who made several heir deliveries to our house during the storm.  Go FedEx!  

Early in the afternoon when the storm had weakened we got out and shoveled, always good exercise on a snow day.  Our house is on a big corner and right next to a school, so we take clearing our walks very seriously.  

Right now I'm watching the school kids being dropped off across the street, and especially entertaining activity when there's a lot of snow on the ground.  I like seeing the adults all dressed in their stylish boots and snow clothes and the kids being kids as they make their way out of their cars and down the sidewalks, stopping to throw a snowball or goof off.  This morning I saw a couple of families pulling their little ones in sleds.  

Haven't seen anyone on skis but I did spot a couple of runners racing along unafraid of slipping on the packed snow; I guess they are wearing cleats on their running shoes.

I'm heading to Denver today to see the current exhibition which features work by Andrew Wyeth and his son Jamie.  Since I'm not driving I also get to look out the car window at the scenery, which should be pretty with the snow.

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