Saturday, December 19, 2015

Watch this Tree

This is the first year that we haven't had a fresh cut Christmas tree.  No one got very excited when I mentioned getting one, including me.  We've always had one and they are beautiful once they are decorated and lighted.   But I'm always glad when we take it down.  I'm glad to have the space back, to stop watering it, and to stop coughing and sneezing from what must be some kind of allergy to the pine.  

Still, can it really be Christmas if there's no tree?  A green artificial one definitely would not do; it just isn't our style.  A friend offered us her vintage aluminum tree and that sounded good so we brought the box into the house and it has sat in the living room for almost a week while we all walked around it and otherwise ignored it.   Really?  Are we really not going to put up any tree?  Paul occasionally mentioned getting a tree of his own to put up down room, but made no real move towards implementing that idea.  

But yesterday Paul's finals were over and winter break began, and this morning Paul made pancakes and he and I visited while Ben went climbing and we got talking about a tree.  We ended up opening the aluminum tree box just to see what an aluminum tree looked like.  And it was good; very pretty, actually.  

So we started to set it up but moving the furniture to make room for it seemed way too much trouble and finally I took the top, stuck it in its stand and set it on the credenza in front of the living room window.   We both agreed it was perfect there and that multi colored little lights would look great on it.  

Of course we didn't have any multi colored little lights.  We had many strand of big white lights. So we'll see if this tree ever gets lit up.   Going to the store to buy lights isn't exactly a fun thing to do and with there being only five days until Christmas, I've got other things on my mind besides going to the store and buying lights, like finishing the quilting on my Christmas quilt.  

But at least we have a tree up.  Somehow it didn't seem like Christmas without one. 


  1. I know what you mean, Mary. Every year I go through the same conundrum whether to do a tree or not. And then I put up the tree. And every year I say I'm going to sort through the ornaments I haven't used in years... A whole bunch of people in my community have quit putting up conventional trees. Either they're allergic, it's a lot of work, or they've simply had enough of it. I have seen a lot of very pretty substitutes, though.

  2. just wait, knowing you there is a virtual tree next year. Just a hologram, programed ornaments from your iphone lol. We all three have allergies to a real tree, so we put the slimline tree up in the family room and I put only the special ornaments on. I miss the twirling ballerinas and the glittering lights but not the work to put it up and take it down. This one from JoAnn's opens up pre lit.
    I love it really.
    I grew up with the silver metal tree you stick each branch in the right hole. Perfect job for a young girl who loved to decorate. Then we had the turning colored wheel of light that shone on it. Wonderful and tacky in the 60's kind of way. LeeAnna


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