Saturday, January 9, 2016

A Sugary Snowfall

Unlike our last snowfall, which was so wet and heavy that the whole city was on "accident warning" and the city government and all the schools were closed, yesterday's snow was light and fluffy.   

I went out to shovel and after a while I realized that I was quite happy being out in the sugary whiteness.  Moving the four or five inches off the sidewalks was easy and I enjoyed seeing and talking with our neighbors as we worked. I guess Ben enjoyed it, too, since he shoveled the walk halfway down College Avenue instead of just the part on our property.  

This wasn't the case all over the area; just a half a mile away our friend was dealing with a more icy snow.  But at our house we were surrounded by a beautiful light transforming wonder that made me feel good to be alive.  

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  1. It IS beautiful. I love the quiet that the snowfall brings, and the sound your boots make when you walk on it.


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