Monday, January 11, 2016


The snow glistened this beautiful sunny weekend as did Paul's newly dyed purple hair when the sunlight hit it. Fun!  

I squeezed lots of sewing into this busy weekend, trying to make order from chaos and put together a pleasing design from a series of free formed blocks.  Working without a pattern is an absorbing puzzle and I'm eager to see what comes of it.  

Here's the state of things the end of last week...

....and here's how the design wall looked this morning. 

I have Meals on Wheels and a hike today but I hope to have a finished top to show to a group of quilter friends I'm seeing tonight. 


  1. There is a lot you can do to this one. It is very interesting in composition. I kind of liked the less even one on the top. The concentration of color near the bottom. Bet it feels good to be working in your style again. LEeAnna

  2. Love those wonky squares! And the composition. Have fun with it!


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