Friday, January 29, 2016

Off to a Slow but Great Start

Ben woke up this morning to find that he was pinned down by Fetcher. 

This made Ben smile.  Ben is quite smitten by Fetcher.

What a nice kitty. 

Umm....that feels good.

A little higher, please.

Finally Ben told Fetcher it was time to go.  Sorry, kitty. 

It took a bit of nudging to get him to move.

When we finally got downstairs we had a tasty breakfast of grilled scallops wrapped in bacon and endive and apple salad.   

Not a bad start to the day. The sun is shining, we have a hike scheduled, I have some quilting to do, and this evening we're going out to a special dinner to celebrate our friend Paula's birthday.  

And if that wasn't enough to put me in a good mood, there's a forecast for a decent snowfall come Monday!    


  1. Sounds like a perfect day. Ahhhh, retirement. The bacon-wrapped scallops look wonderful. I'd like to know how you make them.

  2. so sweet kitty pics. My caption would be, why move? All toasty and comfy... oh! Am I getting a scallop? Okay then!


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